The move to the country, is generally made to leave the hustle and bustle of city life behind. (Or at least take a break from it in any case.) When Gary met with us to discuss building a timber frame home outside of Hutchinson, Kansas, he wanted to build a small cabin that didn’t require too much upkeep. Gary knew exactly what he was looking for and as a result, the planning process on this home was very short. The decision was reached to use White Oak and then the timber was ordered once we had a frame plan designed. After only a few weeks of fabrication, we raised the frame in about half a day. After the raising, Gary took over building the rest of the home.

From the outside, this unassuming home gives no indication of the space it contains. This is exactly what Gary wanted. A few years later, this would be realized to a greater advantage. Gary and Gina were married after the home was completed and it transformed from a bachelor’s cabin to a couples cabin. Thanks to Gary’s planning it made the transition without any issue. At only 1200 square feet, the home is not difficult to maintain and allows them the freedom to pursue their day to day lives.

We dubbed this frame “The Simple Life” for the story above and for the fact that the timber frame itself is very simple and straight forward. The design is a single ridge frame with bents and common rafters. The simplicity of the frame is one of the integral parts of maintaining the simple and open feel of the home. In order to host family when they arrive, Gary opted to build the home on a full basement with 9′-0″ tall walls. This creates a small looking home that contains nearly 2000 square feet of usable floor space.

The link to the right is Gary & Gina’s simple account of the Simple Life.

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