Looking at the pictures alone, this home looks like it was set in old west Wyoming instead of central Kansas. This look is exactly what the owners wanted. They wanted the look and feel of a rustic home on the range but yet a location that was close to family and friends. After several discussions, the decision was made to build the timber frame out of White Oak. One of the reasons they chose to go with White Oak was the natural earthy brown and gold color it takes on after a few years. We didn’t stain the frame but instead used boiled linseed oil to bring out the natural color and grain.

Once we had raised the frame and the panels were installed, their builder got to work finishing the home. As the finishing process drew to a close, they began to choose the finishes you see throughout the home. Not many would have the fortitude to use black and lime green for some of the main walls in their home; they did. Because they made such a bold choice, the home has a character all it’s own. In the bedroom they opted for black walls which in combination with natural light and a White Oak timber frame creates a stunning setting. The kitchen and sitting area are set apart from the rest of the home with a lime green walls.

Now why did we creatively call this “The Rectangle II”? There are countless designs in the world that have each room set at a different angle to the rest. We feel that in many cases, simpler is better. Even though this home looks complex, it’s really a series of rectangles and squares joined to one another at 90 degree angles. This creates a design that contains natural breaks. These breaks allowed us to work with the homeowners to design a very efficient hybrid timber frame. The hybrid aspect of this home allowed them to gain as much square footage and character in the home but still keep the whole project within a reasonable cost.

By clicking on the link to the right, you can find the owners’ account of the building process.

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