Located outside of Hutchinson, Kansas, this is the first home that was built by what was to later become Clydesdale Frames Co. John was a full time firefighter who did construction on his days off from the fire department. Being from Pennsylvania, he spent plenty of time around old timber frame structures. After moving around the country to finally settle in Kansas, he decided it was time to build his timber frame home. After many sketches and phone calls, John decided he wanted to build the home himself. Once the timber arrived, he set to work cutting, fitting, and raising the frame piece by piece. Many long months later, he had the home closed in and weather proofed. It wasn’t to long after that when he was working inside the home and was approached by a reporter from the Hutchinson News. Someone had clued them in on what he was doing and they smelled a Thanksgiving Day special. A few weeks later, the story ran; not long after, John received a phone call from someone wanting him to build their timber frame home. Not realizing what it would lead to, John said “Yes.” After 15 years of operation, John will still show his home to prospective clients where they are impressed by his home’s unique design.

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  • Total Square Footage: 4,392 (Includes basement.)
  • Designer: Homeowner
  • Builder: Homeowner