The reason why a home is built is as varied as the people who build them. In this case, Jeremy and Stacy wanted a home they loved coming back to but always left a good impression. As a result, they chose to design beautiful finishes and interesting elements into their home. To make that happen, they opted to only timber frame the center of the home as well as the kitchen and the dining room. By making this choice, they opened up room in their budget to upgrade the finishes they were using.

As the home was designed, one thing that was dealt with in higher detail was the transition between building styles. That transition is typically where most hiccups or “black holes of construction” materialize. The best way to overcome this is with accurate communication between building trades through the use of sections. Using our design services, the homeowners were able to ensure that the TJI loft floor over the wings of the house lined up correctly with the loft floor of the timber frame in the central area.  The rest of the transitions were handled by changing the home design to create a “natural transition”. An example of this would be in the roof. The central roof that is timber framed is perpendicular to the wings which are not timber framed. This design feature eliminates the need to line up the faces of the roof decking.

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