That is correct but communication must happen between the contractors. We have to know if the fireplace is masonry or not so that we know what kind of opening is required in the roof. The HVAC guy needs to know what the design specs are on the SIPS to accurately size the HVAC system. The list can go on but the critical point is that everyone must be getting the information they need and when they need it. Delays in information will translate into physical delays on site.

We use whatever is necessary. We generally use a combination of meetings, phone calls, emails, prints, and digital details to convey information. Each project is different and because of that, we have become well versed in various methods of communication.

We use AutoCAD and Revit, both made by Autodesk. Those file formats include: dwg, dxf, dwf, and rvt. We also are able to open and read SketchUp files. Image files work if plans must be scanned.

If we receive a design and it’s not entirely clear what is being detailed. We will redraw the detail or “markup” what, and where, our question is and contact you to get clarification before proceeding.

You’re always welcome to stop by, shoot us an email, or call us direct. We will discuss any questions and if we don’t have an answer, we will do our best to find one. Alternately, you can find some answers to many common building issues by following the link below.

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