We assume you mean after the pictures and posting to Facebook, after the extended family has left, and the friends have gone home. The next step is to install the ceiling T&G if that is what the owner has opted for. This should be done before the panel company arrives.

Like us, the equipment needs for the panels will vary with each project. Because of that it’s best to contact them directly.

After the panel installation, the next step is to install house wrap, windows & doors, and exterior finishes. Anything needed to get the house closed in against the weather.

After the house is closed in against the weather, the finishing process is not much different than a conventional house. The main thing to remember in a timber frame is that details are everything. Because of the timbers, care must be taken in the planning of walls, plumbing, wiring, etc. You cannot drill large holes through the timbers for plumbing is one example.

After the raising, we will answer any questions necessary to help in the finishing of the timber frame. Questions do not bother us and neither do lengthy conversations if needed to convey an idea.

In addition to that we have a separate page titled “Building Details”. On this page, we address many of the issues related to building a timber frame. Click here to be directed to that page.